Moon Magick: New Moon

Moon Magick


The New Moon is a time to settle into a much deserved rest. A time to heal and soothe the nerves of the months’ many arduous tasks.

The New Moon offers the cloak of darkness, so that we can hide within it,  protected during our rest.

On A Few Personal Notes:

For us in Amber Blues, this means many things. It means that we can exhale the entirety of the 2.5 year process it took to create our new album “The Colors That You See”.

During this period of time we changed our band lineup, we changed musical directions, we added a producer and so much more.

There have been many moons over the lifespan of this project and it is now the time for us to surrender to the birth of this beloved musical baby. The brainchild of many talented and creative minds. The labor of love that marched us right into our 10th Year Anniversary as a band.

This New Moon…the Hunters Moon….prepares us by providing solice and refuge before we face the harsh departure of this year and the arrival of the New, bringing with it cold winds and quiet months. October is the time of preparation….we begin to reap our crops, and store supplies for the Winter…In October we celebrate the thinning of the veil between worlds flesh and spirit, and we remember the sacrifices that have to be made for a prolific life to exist.

This New Moon my friends and I in Amber Blues, are given the gift of release…..

Now typically release is a last 1/4 Moon phase quality, but I believe that the “detox” process covers both phases, and I can’t think of a better way to relax an heal, than to see this baby land in people’s hands. All we can do now is hope that our efforts were true enough to influence our listeners.

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We got so much going on!

Hi and welcome!

Amber Blues has quite a few things juggling at once at the moment:

Shows throughout the northeast, touring with incredible fellow Scammies, New Studio Album in the works of completion, just among a few.

And in the midst of it, we do other things too. Teaching music, holding up an animal rescue, standing up for injustice… globally and locally!

Read the adventures. The stories, and news.


Amber Blues

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